Monday, February 25, 2008

iam back

Hello !I am back after a very long vacation.By Gods Grace my Haj program was too good.One can find immense peace for one's soul in Mecca and Medina. Its just great!No words can describe the feeling you go through when you are in front of House of Allah. I wish i could go there again. I flew to India too and enjoyed my stay of two months; ate delicious food cooked by mom and gave her a suprise by showing her my blog of recipes. :)

I browsed my favourite blogs and i did find some delicious delicacies out there.I would be back in my cooking track after i cope up with my jet-lag;snow and cold weather here is making me stay more in my quilts than in kitchen.


Lubna said...

Hello Maimoona,
Congratulations on your Hajj, hope you had a memorable and blessed time during your visit there.
I came to know about your blog through Mona at Zaiqa. You have a nice blog and your recipes look interesting.
Keep up the good work.

maimoona said...

thanks lubna for the wishes.

meeso said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see more recipes :)

Mona said...

Look who's here! Happy to see you back Maimoona! :-) How are you? Lucky gal, you got the chance to do Hajj and then a visit to hometown too! Mashallah!!
Looking forward to some very delicious recipes dear. Keep them coming..

Seena said...

How are you, Maimoonah?
So lucky girl, did Hajj in an early age!
Ok, start blogging with delicious food recipes again.. :)