Thursday, October 4, 2007

Mash key dahi baday

This being the month of holy Ramazan i decided to post the most common dish cooked for iftar time.. ..Dahi bada. Dahi bada's are good for snack time partying, made both with besan (chick pea flour )and mash dal. My mom used to cook delicious dahi bada's , the first thing i asked myself after making this snack 'do they taste the one, like my mom made"?.. and i was happy as they very much like my moms goes the recipe .

  • 2 cups mash dal
  • few green chillies
  • salt
  • oil for deep frying
  • curd
  • red chilli powder
Soak mash dal for atleast 4 - 5 hrs. grind it into a fine paste , u can add few green chillies while grinding it. add salt and keep it aside.... batter for bada's is ready...i like the color of batter.

take enough oil in a pan for deep frying ,with a spoon put small amount of mash dal paste and deep fry it. remove them and put it in a bowl filled with cold water.(this makes them soft and reduces the excess oil too.)keep it in water for few minutes then press them with hands to remove the excess water and put it on the serving dish.
Put curd on top of it.(dont forget to add salt to curd) and finally sprinkle it with red chili powder.


Anonymous said...

hi this is Kiran!
looks great men!

rabzi said...

Thanks a lot for the recipe : )

karimulla said...

Looks Yummy and it is my favourite.

mini said...

thanks i was looking for this recepie farah

mini said...

Thanks hope when i will make it will be good too like urs..farah