Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cracked Wheat Soup

Ramazan Mubarak to all my readers!
This is my first recipe for the event Joy from fasting to feasting hosted by lubna and yasmeen.
Both Lubna and yasmeen are doing great job by posting easy, healthy tips and recipes for iftar and suhoor. well done girls!...
Cracked Wheat soup is full of protein and quite healthy.I hope my readers like and give it a try. Once my neighbor invited us for iftar and made this soup I liked it and took the recipe from him. This soup is quite easy, it is basically cracked wheat cooked in meat and tomato soup.

Raw cracked wheat

Cracked wheat 1 pound
lamb meat with bones 1 pound
one medium sized onion
2 big tomatoes/ (you can also use tomotao puree if u want)
red chilli powder according to your taste
tumeric powder a pinch
salt to taste
fresh cilantro,green chillies.
garam masala powder(grounded caraway seeds, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom ) 1 tsp
one cube of maggi stock(you can use either mutton or chicken stock, it gives good taste but its optional)
olive oil 2 tbsp( you can use any other cooking oil too)
lemon juice 2 tbsp

Soak cracked wheat for about one hr.
In a big vessel add olive oil, chopped onions,red chilli powder,tumeric powder, ginger garlic paste, chopped tomatoes, meat and fry for sometime, add ample amount of water and cook till the meat is very tender.( I used a pressure cooker to save time )
add cracked wheat, garam masala, green chillies,maggi stock cube and cook
the consistency should be soupy finally add fresh cilantro, fresh mint and lemon juice. Serve it hot with sliced cucumbers.

Soup ready to be served !


Kitchen Flavours said...

Assalamvalekum Dear. How r fasts going on? This looks as simplified version of Haleem. Inshallah i will try out this soon. Looks gr8 and yummy. I left a mail to u in your Inbox please check out and let me know.

Armina said...

Ramzan mubarak!
Great recipes on ur blog.. the dalia soup looks yummy.. :) keep up the good work!

Kitchen Flavours said...

I sent u a mail. Check out and reply as soon as possible.

meeso said...

Looks delicious and healthy :)

Kate / Kajal said...

Ramadan Mubarak
This seems like a wonderful soup for Iftar. Thanks for sharing :)

Yasmeen said...

Ramadan mubarak to you too Mammu:)
I made Daliya soup for Iftar yesterday but without any meat. Your version with meat looks richer and nutritious.

Anjum said...

asak maimu happy ramadan....healty n nutritious...good work

notyet100 said...

soup looks yum,..can i try with chicken meat,..?hppy feasting

rumaan said...

We are looking forward to taste all your dishes.